We source plastics at the end of their useful lives and recycle them into fresh new sheet material.

We pride ourselves in fabricating a premium quality sheet material from our UK sourced materials. Working with polycarbonates, acrylics and vinyls we create beautiful pieces with different additions and finishes according to client specification for projects or products.

Our rigid plastics are fabricated to maximum size of 300x300mm, from 2mm to 24mm thick. Our flexible plastics are fabricated in similar sizes 3 to 4mm thick as standard, though with a 10 sheet minimum order can be produced in sheets up to 1000x2000mm. Our hand production processes offers bespoke variations to suit our clients remit as well as delivering end solutions from finished POS, artworks and products.

Bespoke Artworks/Installations examples using polycarbonates [from carheadlights and CDs]

Bespoke Products/Services using vinyls [from industrial doors and flooring]

Materials: the following materials give you a taste of what is achievable with our fabriciation processes


This sheet uses recycled vinyl from flooring waste, with our standard finish is in matt at 4mm thick. We colour sort the flooring so that we can achieve the desired colour palette for your project or product.



This sheet encapsulates shredded decommissioned five pound notes in recycled polycarbonate from drink glasses. It's well known blue tones mixed with the rosy pinks of the George Stephenson side look so amazingly delicate and organic.

We offer this beautiful sheet in various thickness for your project or product, with satin gloss or matt finish, or with a shimmer pigment over white background.

FIVE, encapsulated in 100% clear polycarbonate


This sheet uses recycled vinyl from industrial door strip waste. It embeds textile off-cuts, threads and skeleton leaves. We recycle the material ourselves to retain its quality and clarity. With matt as our standard finish, we create the right aesthetics for your project or product.

fragment placemat

fragment placemat


This sheet material is made from recycled polycarbonate from packing crates. Flecks in the white mimic the effect of hand-made paper, as a thin sheet this material has a lovely translucent opal quality. We offer this subtle sheet in various thickness for your project or product, with satin gloss or matt finish.

paper, 100% recycled polycarbonate


This polycarbonate sheet is made purely from recycled car headlights - the metalised inside skin of the headlight unit. We offer this stunning sheet in various thickness for your project or product with the option of a shimmer pigment to enhance the metalised nature of the material.

shimmer extra with matt finish