Chelsea Emergency Department

Graphic window and wall designs have been created for the new Majors and Emergency Observation Unit [EOU] at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Working with designer Helen Bridges we created solutions for a calming environment for both patients and staff. Our remit was to provide privacy and distraction for treatment in the 17 bays in Majors and a more homely atmosphere in the EOU wards. Colourful botanical designs feature throughout and juxtaposed London locations provide interest along corridors.



material: UV printed polyester film and UV printed wallpaper

size: circulation areas, treatment bays and wards

area: throughout emergency observation unit and A&E bays



"I have had so many patients say how much they like the art and design in the new department and how it's now a much calmer environment. If patients are calm, it makes it easier for us to treat them quickly and efficiently." 
"Absolutely beautiful and uplifting designs, it feels like you've gone private."
"These designs are going to have such a positive impact on the patients stay."

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