Commercial & Leisure

We work closely with you to design and deliver an optimal working environment. This would be as a narrative to represent your business model or simply as fresh designs for creating inspirational spaces.  We can develop our designs to invite in natural light as well as keep privacy that work may demands. Overall they contribute positively to ones working and visiting experience.



partitioning, glazing

lobbies, receptions

facades, walls


Reception artwork for One Newhall Street Offices, Birmingham - images courtesy of AHR/Daniel Hopkinson

Office glazing design for Nationwide Franking Sense, Bolton

Office glazing designs for Bolton at Home, Bolton

Facade artwork for Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Huddersfield

External facade artwork for Waitrose Store, Solihull 

"The window art has provided a warm glow and inviting atmosphere to the formerly white and 'clinical' building." 
"The colours on the glass in our meeting rooms are really vibrant and provide a pleasing blend of privacy and comfort without feeling claustrophobic."
"A simple yet effective design - a credit to the designer and the solution they used." 

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