Huddersfield Leisure Centre

Bespoke suspended panels were created to represent the locality, from its landscape, town and reservoirs. The shapes flow along the centre’s 24m glass façade creating a welcoming environment and tying in with the interior palette and views to the facilities. Graphic designs over five discs 1500mm and 1750mm diameter also represent the sporting achievements for the area, from running, cricket, cycling, swimming and rugby. Glazing designs were also produced for the studios and climbing rooms.



material: Bespoke plastic, UV printed polyester film

size: facade, circulation wall, studio rooms

area: throughout entrance and main circulation areas



"The artwork really makes the new leisure centre, it gives it an identity reflecting the locality and the play water ." 
"Kirklees has a lot to celebrate in the way of sporting achievements, the disc artwork contains this and projects ambitions to the next generation."

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