Lucentia's flexible Approach to Designing lets us cater for your unique specifications.

Printing in CMYK, white and varnish inks there are infinite variations and endless possibilities for your design. Our four broad umbrella families help guide your choice.

Aerial     Botanical     Chroma     Rhythm    

There are of course overlaps within these groups and we work in consultation with you to achieve your desired outcome. Please browse our design range below and then contact us to discuss your requirements.



Designs are inspired by aerial views on a macro scale.

Compositions are created from reflections and aspects of urban or landscape.


Designs use an element of natural and organic forms, conveying an uplifting outdoor mood.

Compositions have a gentle lilt to create light and movement.


Designs use colourful, painterly shapes that form lively compositions.

Colour blends with layering to create a dynamic setting.


Design elements convey micro structures, pattern or texture, whether as mathematical

or more organic repetitions which accent and morph across the design.